Getting Started

The Wallet-API is designed to provide a broad range of API endpoints that let you offer identity wallets to users capable of handling different keys, DIDs, credential types and facilitate the receipt and presentation of credentials from various issuers and verifiers using the OIDC4VC protocol standard. Alongside digital identity capabilities, it also supports the integration of web3 wallets. This feature enables your users to view their tokens from different blockchain ecosystems like Ethereum, Polygon, and more.

Core Features and Components

User Accounts & Authentication
Users can have one default wallet per account, secured by a standard username/password combination or a web3 account ( e.g., Login with Ethereum). The communication between the backend and frontend is secured through two methods: cookie-based (recommended) and Bearer token authentication. Multi-wallet support per user account is a feature we are planning to introduce soon. Currently, each API call requires the ID of the default wallet in the parameters to successfully execute wallet-specific operations.

Find a full list of supported blockchain ecosystems for authentication here.

Empower user accounts to create and manage keys using different algorithms, including RSA, ECDSA, EdDSA.

Let users leverage various credential ecosystems by creating and managing DIDs (initially did:key, with more coming soon).

Enable users to receive, manage, and present digital credentials (W3C JWTs for now, with expanded support coming soon).

NFTs/SBTs (coming soon)
Allow users to view assets in their web3 accounts.

Things to Know Before You Start

We are soon going to introduce multi-wallet support per user account. Currently, a default wallet is created per user account without the ability to create additional ones or remove the default one. However, during each call, you will need to provide the ID of the default wallet in your parameters to successfully execute wallet-specific operations. Api Reference to request wallets by account.

Using the wallet API

To use the wallet API, you have two options:

  1. Open-Source: Use the free version of the verifier API available via the identity-repo.
  2. Enterprise: Purchase an enterprise license with extra capabilities and support.