Getting Started

Explore our issuer, verifier and wallet product below or learn more about the stack and its architecture here.


  • SDKs - Manage keys, DIDs, issue and present credential in Kotlin/Java
  • API - issue credentials via OID4VC using the issuer API


  • SDKs - Verify credentials in Kotlin/Java
  • API - Request and verify credentials from holders using OID4VC


  • Getting Started - enable your users to receive, store and present credentials.

Quick Start

If you want to try out all the services quickly, you can use our docker compose shown below. This launches locally an instance of the issuer, verifier and wallet API and our Web Wallet, Web Portal and Verifiable Credentials Repo. We also provide links to all services deployed in our test environment below.

Clone identity

git clone && cd waltid-identity

Launch the services

cd docker-compose && docker compose up

Access Services

Click the link(s) below to open the related services. Local environment link only works if you executed the command above.