The Community Stack

The Community Stack is a set of open-source tools designed for developers and organizations to build robust end-to-end identity and wallet solutions across industries and ecosystems. It is designed to facilitate the development and deployment of holistic identity solutions, ensuring modularity, interoperability, and ease of use.

Architecture and Structure

The Community Stack provides all the necessary functionalities to launch identity solutions seamlessly. Its architecture can be broadly categorized into multi-platform libraries, services and APIs, Applications and external services and integrations as shown below in the architecture image.

image of did

Multi-Platform Libraries

The multi-platform libraries based on Kotlin Multiplatform bring support for a variety of programming languages including Kotlin/Java, JavaScript and more in the future. These libraries allow mix and matching of identity features, credentials formats, and ecosystem functionalities to ensure a compact, concise and performant codebase.

Core Libraries:

  • Crypto: Manages keypair and signature functionalities.
  • SD-JWT: Issues Selective Disclosure JSON-Web Tokens.
  • DIDs: Manages Decentralized Identifiers.
  • OpenID4VC: Facilitates protocol issuance and verification.

Credential Libraries:

Ecosystem Libraries:

These libraries provide abstractions for various ecosystem-specific functionalities such as trust registry operations.

  • EBSI
  • cheqd
  • eIDAS2
  • iota

Services and APIs

The services and APIs are designed to enhance applications with Issuer, Verifier, and ID wallet capabilities.

  • Issuer API: Allows applications to issue credentials (VCs, mdocs) and tokens (NFTs, SBTs) across ecosystems.
  • Verifier API: Enables applications to verify credentials or tokens based on a variety of verification policies.
  • Wallet API: Extends applications with identity wallet capabilities such as collecting, storing, managing, and sharing identity credentials or tokens.


To ensure a faster go to market or use-case development, the Community Stack includes customizable white-label applications.

  • Web Issuer: A web portal or claim page supporting protocols like OIDC4VC.
  • Web Verifier: A web portal or verification page supporting protocols like OIDC4VP.
  • Wallet: A custodial web-wallet for collecting, managing, and sharing credentials (VCs, mdocs) and displaying tokens (NFTs, SBTs) based on a progressive web app (PWA) that works across devices.

Command Line Interface (CLI)

The CLI provides a command-driven interface to try out different features and manage services directly from the terminal. Learn more here.

External Services & Integrations

The Community Stack is built to be interoperable with third-party services and tools like:

  • KMS/Hardware Keystores
  • Trust Registries
  • TSP Signature providers
  • Various data storage options

The openness of the stack allows developers and organizations to enhance the stack by integrating additional external key storage solutions, trust service providers, and identity verification services not already supported by default.

Next steps