The Wallet API allows you to seamlessly manage and handle digital credentials in various formats for your users. You can facilitate the receipt and presentation of these credentials from issuers or to verifiers using OIDC4VCI and OIDC4VP protocols.

API Capabilities

The API endpoints are categorized into two sections for ease of operation:

  1. Credential Management: Involves actions such as listing, storing, viewing, and deleting credentials within a user's wallet.
  2. Credential Exchange: Ensures secure and efficient exchange between wallets, issuers, and verifiers.

Credential Management

For an exhaustive list of endpoints for credential management, refer to the Api reference.

Credential Exchange

Credential exchange is facilitated using the OIDC4VC protocol. Receiving credentials occurs through OIDC4VCI, while OIDC4VP is used for presentation. Please see our Api reference for a detailed list of credential exchange endpoints.


For a more hands-on experience with our API, go through our detailed guides:

  1. Receiving a Credential via OIDC4VCI: Learn how to receive and parse an OIDC4VCI offer request step by step.
  2. Presenting a Requested Credential via OIDC4VP: Understand how to respond to an OIDC4VP credential request interactively.

NOTE: During credential issuance, users have the flexibility to decide which DID in their account will be associated with the received credential. The API supports the receipt and presentation of single or multiple credentials in one request.