Installation & Running the Project

Make sure you have Docker installed on your machine.

1. Cloning The Identity-Repo

git clone && cd waltid-identity

2. Building the docker image

docker build -t waltid/wallet-api -f waltid-services/waltid-wallet-api/Dockerfile .

3. Running the docker image

docker run \
  -p 7001:7001 \
  -itv $(pwd)/waltid-services/waltid-wallet-api/config:/waltid-wallet-api/config \
  -itv $(pwd)/waltid-services/waltid-wallet-api/data:/waltid-wallet-api/data \
  -t waltid/wallet-api

Create and Manage Wallets From Your Users

The wallet-api is up and running, start creating user wallets and to receive and present credentials.